Jetski food Delivery to your boat and Dockside

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Delivery Fee: 25% of Order Total ($10 min)

Operating Hours

Thursday: 3-1.5 hBS

Friday: 12-1.5 HBS

Saturday: 12-1.5 HBS

Sunday: 12-1.5 HBS

HBS: Hours before Sunset

How to Request A Delivery

Place your order for take-out with one of your favorite restaurants.*


No need to pay over the phone! We'll pay for it and then take care of it all at once when you have your food in your hands!

*Admiral D's, Mizu and Acqua only accept online orders.

Place order w/ restaurant

Send us a Text 

Text the following info to 612-448-3969


Name on Order


Pickup Time

Boat Info


Send your current location 

(This helps your driver find your boat ASAP)

Sit back and Relax

Enjoy the lake while your order is being prepared!! 

We will send you text notifications as you wait for your food so you don't have to wonder where your food is!

You will get a text

Once your order is picked up we will send you a text letting you know your food is on the way and to make sure everyone you are with is out of the water to ensure maximum safety!

Delivering For: